In March 2008, Adam brainstormed the project with help from acupuncturists, city planners, ecologists, artists, writers and the general public at the South Waterfront Guest Artist Residency Program. Together we envisioned Portland as a metaphorical body, considering its health through the non-western lens of acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

Participants contributed ideas about the city's health...

... and layers of information accrued on the maps...

...which informed the project as a whole and suggested specific issues and locations to focus on.

Possible Correlations between Acupuncture Meridian & Organ Systems
and a City Developed in the Workshops


    ( Chinese Medicine ) basis of life, vital essences, eternal and infinite source, DNA

    ( a city? ) streams, rivers, lakes, marshes, marshes, natural resources



    ( Chinese Medicine ) planning, vision, strategy, endurance

    ( a city? ) electricity & fuel supply & reserves, politics, city planning, government agencies



    ( Chinese Medicine ) supreme controller, spirituality, connection to higher reality, ancestors

    ( a city? ) mayor, religious institutions, cultural institutions, art, places for ritual, music and celebration, native american & colonial history



    ( Chinese Medicine ) transportation and distribution, arbiter of coursing and draining, primary healer

    ( a city? ) mass transit, automobiles, roadways, commerce, healthcare



    ( Chinese Medicine ) receiving pure energy from the heavens, freedom, vitality, nobility

    ( a city? ) nature, parks & gardens, city reservoirs, open space, air quality, outdoor recreation, leisure, high society, exclusive clubs, air travel, judiciary



    ( in Chinese Medicine ) storing and utilizing reserves, boundary between self and non-self

   ( in a city? ) reservoirs, drinking water, water treatment & sewer system, urban growth boundary


Gall Bladder

    ( Chinese Medicine ) control, motivation 

    ( in a city? ) police, fire, safety / rallying, activism, lobbying


Small intestine

   ( in Chinese Medicine ) sorting good from bad, wisdom, truth, virtue, morality, charity

    ( in a city? ) judiciary, schools, colleges, universities, shelters, nursing homes, charitable organizations, social services



    ( Chinese Medicine ) ripening and rotting, food and drink, storehouse, granary

    ( a city? ) food supply, farmers markets, housing, entertainment, nightlife


Large Intestine

    ( in Chinese Medicine ) drainage, keeping the precious, letting go of impurities

     ( in a city? ) banking, manufacturing, railways, ships yards, garbage, solid waste stream, recycling, sustainability industrie